The Logic of Faith

We live in a world that demands from us a constant definition of the self. A lack of understanding of our real mission on earth sometimes leads us into a lot of misconceptions and strains us in our conviction. What is it to have conviction? How can we have conviction? There are certain basic things we must learn. We must carry the ability to weigh things clearly and dispassionately. The human being struggles most times to earn objectivity in his reasoning. He must have the willingness to see the logic of what he is seeing or he is told before he can come to a clearer understanding. Does faith need logic? Yes it does! Creation is logical. It is the basis of our conviction because if we see it as logical then it is easy to accept it. Being logical does not immediately make you an atheist.

We accept the logic that what you sow is what you will reap. It really does not matter what religion you profess to, it is illogical to expect to reap apples if you planted corn. Even miracles will be a hard sell if it did not have logic in it. It is logical to make a fair assessment of someone you just met by assessing the company he keeps. That is why we say, birds of the same feathers flock together. You would not expect to find ravens flying in tandem with eagles will you? It would be illogical. Progress is assumed to propel you upwards. That is the essence of all our struggles. We are born, we get work, we want to improve the status of our lives. We look at success from different prisms. It is a logical assumption that every human being has dreams, to be better in his aspirations and to have these dreams actualized.

We know, that Justice is the epitome of logical reasoning, looking at facts and coming to a logical conclusion that this is right or that is wrong. Justice ensures trust in a system and encourages confidence that the steps to paradise are sequential and not arbitrary. Man’s progression is logical, birth, growth, maturing, and degeneration.

When we are permitted to experience these laws, these concepts of the eternal laws, then we are able to come to the logical conclusion of the stability of continuity and progression. Belief can only come about through experience. It is those things we have experienced that helps to ensure our faith. It is our faith that can give us conviction. If you are told that a slap is painful, you could believe or not, but you have a conviction of it only if you had once experienced the pain of a slap! That is logical. It will be illogical otherwise.

Creation is an ordered logic of the Creator in response to our request to experience the possibility of His proximity. We profess weak faith only when we cannot move our conviction into vibrant faith. Take a walk in your thoughts, watch the many vibrant living colours of your experiences, see in the glint of a tear, the brightness of a smile, the sound of your thumping heart and you will experience life. Being logical does not bar your faith, it can only enhance it.

There is logic in faith, which comes from experiencing. When you give yourself the opportunity to see how the laws of Creation explains why certain things can happen, why you could only be incarnated amongst a group of people. The logic of the eternal laws explains why all the things that have happened to us, globally, nationally and at community level happens the way. There is logic in why one person is poor or the other is healthy. It is the logic of the eternal laws fulfilling itself!

Who in the Police State Gets Extralegal Exemptions?

Executive Summary – The purpose of this article is to show you the special privileges certain people and their spouses and children have in the USA with a special emphasis on those in law enforcement and politics. This is how the police state grooms law enforcement to step into the role of a police state with all its associated lawlessness and brutality. These people are basically immune from traffic law enforcement, vehicle codes, and other minor and not so minor violations of the law.

In police states it is common to extend these privileges to the groups of people listed below. As the police state grows into its fullness the paranoia on the part of the leaders grows and they begin policing the police and government officials with extreme vigor and prejudice. The internal affairs police become all-powerful. Hitler referred to them as the Gestapo. They ruined careers and terrorized ordinary police. Government officials and the military. As they eliminate the private ownership of guns, freedom of movement, international travel etc then their threat risk assessment of those in power, shifts to those with the guns and in control of various aspects of governing the people.

Then the police state evolves into a full-fledged paranoid madhouse, which is the path they all seem to go down. The leaders know they are criminals violating the laws of the land. They know the people hate them with a passion. They generally leave the country in shambles. They fear execution and an overthrow every minute of every day. They have no peace. They do not eat or sleep well. Their health deteriorates. The leaders sleep in different houses each night, bodyguards sleep in their bedrooms, alcoholism and drug use with the leaders becomes widespread, insomnia is common, persecution fantasies abound, trials for treason, sedition, espionage with summary executions abound amongst the ranks of the police, military and government officials.

The law enforcement and low-level government officials get sucked into serving these police states by the government extending certain privileges to them, often not formally codified but just put into practice. They often pay these police out of proportion wages not in sync with the state of the economy. Today there are tens of thousands of police and corrections officers making over $100,000 a year who never attended college. Federal law enforcement agents can easily hit $140,000 a year. Then comes their early retirement, medical, dental, vacations and so forth. The police state wants them happy and proud to have these jobs. The police state is teaching them the advantages to turning a blind eye towards all the injustices. They get used to using the taser and pepper spray on anyone who talks back to them. They get to carry weapons practically anywhere and in some cases even on airplanes. People get long prison sentences for victimless crimes (all they did was break a statue no identifiable persons were victims). They become a tool of the elite and thus acquire certain privileges.

Who Are the People Granted Official and Unofficial Exemptions from Laws –

* City and State Police Officers

* County Sheriffs

* Correction Officers, City, County, State, and Federal

* Parole Officers, City, County, State, and Federal

* Probation Officers, City, County, State, and Federal

* State Troopers

* Highway Patrol

* Animal Enforcement Officers

* Alcoholic Beverage Police

* Weights and Measures Police

* Lottery Police

* Labor Police

* Child and Family Services Police

* Tax Collection Police City, County, State, and Federal

* Building Inspectors

* Food Inspectors

* Health Inspectors

* Traffic Enforcement Officers

* Federal Law Enforcement Agents – There are over 100 such agencies

* City and County Commissioners

* Mayors and Deputy Mayors

* City, County, State and Federal members of legislatures

* Judges on all levels

* Governors and Deputy Governors

* Attorney Generals

* District Attorneys

* Prosecutors called by other titles

* Ambulance Drivers

* Paramedics

* Firemen

* Animal Control Officers

* Court Clerks

To the above you could add in the spouses, children and parents of these people to who various exemptions from the law are also granted informally as a professional courtesy. So as you can see the so-called Thin Blue Line is a lot wider than what one might think. Traffic Enforcement Police will tell you that a tremendous amount of those they stop are part of this list.

The protocol is that the person stopped in a traffic stop presents themselves as one of the privileged few before they show any driver license or registration. If one presents the driver license and registration to the officer they generally will just take it to the cruiser and check their status and then return with a ticket written out. The idea is to explain who you are with or without documentation before the license is shown so it never gets to the ticket stage. There are no bulletproof rules as to one cop not giving another cop a ticket. Generally it is not done. Police departments do get into ticket wars with other cops and start handing out tickets to members of other departments freely.

Usually the high-ranking officials settle this quickly before someone gets arrested. Police will often ask a federal agent if they are working when stopped. Federal agents say yes because they are on 24/7. They generally are let go. Sometimes they get a ticket and then they have their office phone the traffic court and have the judge cancel it. The general rule is that these privileged few look out for each other. If the offense is bad and will result in a big investigation only the very highest of the privileged can expect to get the extra-legal assistance and this can and has extended all the way up to murder.

What Are the Types of Exemptions Offered to these people:\b>

Traffic – These people even have courtesy badges and ID cards that they give to friends and relatives so that other police will not give them traffic tickets. There are probably one million such people running around in the USA. This explains the people who speed incessantly and run red lights and make illegal turns you see all the time and wonder about. They are exempt from citations, not like you. Just discuss this with any law enforcement officer or ex law enforcement officer, who trusts you, to see that it is true. Remember these privileged violators also get good driver rates when they are not really good drivers.

Drunk Driving – This is not always covered but often is. Depends on how drunk they are, where and who they are. They often will have another officer take the car to a safe place and drive the person home so as to keep them off the road. They would rarely just tell the person it’s okay continue driving dead drunk even if it is a judge. Drunken judges are common, as are police officers and legislators. This is a sensitive one but the police will usually try not to cite and arrest the privileged. If it is one of their own and he is not safe to drive they will often call the supervisor of the officer to come get him. This way the department informally knows he is drinking and riving but they avoid exposing one of their own to the justice system that applies to regular people. This is often done as well for bad traffic violations like going 130 mph in a corvette. His supervisor knows about it but the officer is spared the consequences of the law. Hmmm can someone say get out of jail free card.

Traffic Accidents – Here is a courtesy not known by many. The police throw the accident report in favor of the privileged one. The other driver gets a ticket and their insurance rates suffer. The other party has no idea this is going on until he reads the accident report. How many would ever think to investigate the other party to see if they are a police officer and few would complain to the internal affairs department of the law enforcement agency involved.

Truck Driving – A lot of police officers drive over the road trucks off duty. They do not generally have to follow the rules like regular truck drivers. This enables them to make more money than regular drivers. They can exceed weight limits, drive excessive hours, have messed up logbooks, equipment violations etc. A little known but all too common occurrence. Ever see a truck driver barreling down on you speeding like crazy and not caring about getting caught. Now you know why.

Fights – The police will rarely ever arrest one of the privileged if a regular fight broke out over an argument even if they were drunk. If someone is seriously hurt or killed then it tends to go more by the book, but not always. Sometimes they might complain to the cops’ supervisor.

Drugs – One of the privileged caught with personal quantities of drugs would normally get out of it with being arrested. They might not even have the drugs confiscated.

Searches of Vehicles – The privileged are pretty much search free. This means they can carry drugs, illegal weapons, and open alcohol containers without much worry.

Expired License Tags, Driver Licenses etc – This sort of thing is generally overlooked.

Loud Parties – These complaints tend to be played down for the privileged. The police come and say it was phoned in. If the person has a lot of juice the police will not respond to any more disturbance calls at that address. If they do not have a lot of juice they will be told to tone it down nicely so they do not have to come back.

Threatening Violent Harm on People – The privileged can threaten those who get in their way with little fear of retaliation from law enforcement.

Domestic Violence – The privileged few can often get away with this. Depends a lot on who they are and what they did. Doom and gloom on their spouses.

Building Code Violations – The privileged can often get away with a lot here. They just build. The inspectors will look the other way when it comes to those that can retaliate against them.

Alcoholic Beverage Violations – The privileged can serve minors, open after hours; break maximum occupancy codes, etc. with no consequences.

Fire Code Violations – The privileged can generally get extreme leniency from the fire department on enforcing violations.

Special Jobs – The law enforcement people can get high paying jobs off duty that they are not supposed to have in many instances. A lot of these opportunities open up to the retired law enforcement people since it is known that the courtesies will still be extended to those retired. Some of these are:

* Bar Bouncers (the police report will almost always show them always innocent)

* Security Guards (special gun privileges are valuable to the rich and famous)

* Body Guards (They can speed and drive illegally for their wealthy clients)

* Private Detectives (they get private information easily like unlisted phones, addresses)

Summary – This should open your eyes to some of the lower level corruption going on which no one even talks about stopping. Those that can stop it are the partakers. This gives them an elitist mentally. They think the law only applies to the regular people not them. They soon stop caring about the constitution and civil rights since they have plenty of rights; it’s the other people who lose their rights. As the police state rolls on, police brutality and violence continues unchecked. Police are allowed to kill for just about any reason. Their arrogance reaches a sickening level.

The police and the privileged further disassociate from identifying with the common folk. The police state wants the police and privileged to not identify with “We the People” so they can accomplish their agenda. When the people have no guns, no travel privileges, no rights to a fair and speedy trial by their peers, no freedom of speech and expression, can no longer gather in an orderly fashion, the constitution becomes a historical document at best, then the police state is in its fullness as the rules change.

In the final stage of the police state before it falls apart like they always do, the leaders feel threatened by the police and turn on them with a paranoid eye. They will have set up internal police control forces and an super elite group of paramilitary police that would be the only ones trusted and their powers would be extremely broad. They would be focused on enemies of the state only, leaving routine law enforcement for the police forces. The police reap what they sow before it is over and it falls apart. Right now they are in the dark and are too busy enjoying their riot gear, tasers, full automatic weapons, exercising extra constitutional powers over the people to really take the time to understand where it is heading. Like the people they generally wake up when it is too late.

Idea – Try to get the gun control people after these abuses of justice. Their energy would be better spent this way. Write letters to the anti-gun legislators suggesting they can get a lot of publicity and votes by leading a campaign after these injustices. Use their greed for power and votes against the evil system. You’d be shocked at how easy this is to effect.

Also try diverting the high tax legislators into this arena. Remind them that scandals lead to public hearing and make for excellent publicity. Think of it – you are on CNN cleaning up the ranks of the judicial system. It will work but you will only be changing one lousy politician for another lousy politician. You will be rocking the apple cart and apples will fall off. Set your mind to have fun and enjoy yourself. Divide and defeat is the tactics they use on “We the People” so use it back on them.

Learn More About the New Law – Causing Death by Careless Driving

Previously if someone caused death by careless driving then they could not be handed down a custodial sentence. This not only denied the aggrieved families justice for the wrongful death of their loved ones, it also made it much harder to implement restrictions on improper driving practice such as dialling and driving. Hands free phones are so readily available now that the negligent practice of dialling and driving has been re-evaluated and now qualifies under a new law which can hand out custodial sentences to those who cause death or serious injury by careless driving.

The current legal system can deliver a sentence of up to 14 years for someone convicted of dangerous driving however until recently if someone caused death by careless driving then they would simply walk away with a fine. The case of a 14 year old Brit is a perfect example; Jessica Leigh was killed by a motorist speeding at 60mph in a 30mph speed limit and the convicted killer driver pled not guilty. Despite being convicted of death by careless driving the driver was 300GBP and 6 penalty points.

This would also cover drivers who neglect to use hands free phones or drive while unlicensed even if there was no fault with driving. So an unlicensed driver who kills a pedestrian will be subject to a custodial sentence because they are not meant to be on the road, therefore the incident would not have happened if they had obeyed the law. The same principle is applied to people who do not use hands free phones, as if they had obeyed legislation regarding hands free phones the accident would not have happened.

This legislative change has been described as overdue by many and the Ministry of Justice has listed the number of unacceptable distractions as non hands free phones, texting, drinking and eating, adjusting CPS or stereo, applying make-up or reading a map, the list has also been extended to using a smart-phone or BlackBerry. It is estimated that 40 percent of drivers will still use phones without hands free phone kits whilst operating a vehicle and road safety groups are hoping that this step in the right direction will act as a deterrent to dial drivers.

Hands free phones are available from a multitude of providers and range in style and cost. Most can only accommodate incoming calls whilst driving, as to make a call you still need to dial which will cause a distraction. Some new technology provides hands free phones with voice dialling capabilities, this enables you to dial by just saying a name which is pre-recorded and linked to your address book.

Law School Grants and Financial Aid For Single Mothers

Law degree is an amazing qualification to acquire at both the personal and professional level, but studying for law is a very expensive form of education. Single mothers with their own stress of handling work and home, cannot even think of such ambitions considering the expense of law education. For such instance have been designed the law school grants and financial aid for single mothers, which offers to provide the monetary services for those single mothers who are willing to study for the law course.

Grants for law education are extensively available but we should know the right place to start our research. Firstly, we should find maximum information about financial aids from the university or college we are thinking of pursuing the course. Many of the educational institutions provide scholarships and grants for students of the low-income households so that they can start their education. The other law grants provided to single mothers have been listed below in short:

1) Equal Justice Works fellowship – This award is granted to fifty law students, in varying amounts. The eligible students should meet the criterion for working in undeserved communities.

2) Law Schools Admission Council Research Grants – Law students working on a legal research program are entitled for this scholarship.

3) Elaine Osborne Jacobsen award for Women Working in Health Care Law – This award is granted to a female graduate student allocated as health care advocate or to a female law undergrad. The award prize money is $3,000.

The Washington College of Law believes in awarding those students who are studying for the doctorate program in law, which is a few of its kind in this arena of education. The Nation’s Top Law School, the Columbia School of Law, also honors eligible students with awards and gifts who need financial care. The American Bar Association donates the highest number of grants and scholarships and believes in the motto of providing maximum financial assistance to the minority group and to the needy students to uphold the prestige of this profession. Other Law schools which also aim in providing the necessary financial aid and grants to the deserving students are the University of Michigan, Cornell University and so on.

The federal government also understands the inevitability of grants and loans for the single mothers. To be eligible for the federal grants, a free application form should be submitted at the online centre FAFSA, also including the last year’s tax payment records. There are also several low-interest loans provided from the state like the Federal Stafford, Federal Perkins, Graduate PLUS and so on.

Acquiring a law degree makes you a respected member of the society, owing to the service you are providing in turn. Law school grants and financial aid for single mothers has been started for the very reason of making the single mothers a respectable part of the society and securing a very sound future for them.

Is The Justice Department Over Reaching On Fraud Enforcement in An Election Year?

It seems whenever there is a tough economy, there are more shysters who come out of the woodwork. This makes sense of course because if money is tight, and fewer people to get a job, it’s more difficult for these culprits to get a real job to use their cunning and intellectual abilities for positive purposes such as making a profit in their own small businesses. Okay so, I’d like to talk about this for a moment if I might.

You see, I’ve also noticed another trend. Whenever there is a major election going on, candidates claim that when they get into office they will stop the crime, scams, and fraud. It’s hard to say why they do this – perhaps they are redirecting attention away from themselves and their own political shenanigans. But I would suspect that’s not the only reason. It’s because negative events make better headlines, and if a politician can point at some negative event, and then claim they will fix it, all the suddenly more voters take interest.

In fact, I think a little bit of that is going on right now. There was an interesting piece recently on the FBI website which was of value to discuss, the title of the government press release was; “Attorney General Eric Holder Launches Consumer Protection Working Group to Combat Consumer Fraud Working Group Created Under President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force Brings Together Federal, State, and Local Partners,” and it appeared on their site on February 13, 2011.

The reality is – we already have the government bureaucracy to take care of some of these problems, not to mention lots of law enforcement agencies. So why is it now that the Obama Administration wants to jump on this right away, during an election year. How come they didn’t work on this problem in the last couple of years? It is not as if there was ever a shortage of dishonest people in the world, so why now?

Another comment that I would like to make, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, is that I guess my biggest question is; when will the FBI investigate the Obama Administration for abuse of law, violating the constitution, and other fraudulent activity (in my opinion)? Seriously, let’s talk about that and not just because it’s an election year, we can wait until after the election to seek justice and return things back to the rule of law.

If the Obama Administration is merely trying to secure their proposed budget by showing that they need more money to do the job, then the DOJ should have been doing it all along. As we look for things such as corporate malfeasance, how about government administrative and executive leadership malfeasance? Well, I dare to ask the question, yes even in an election year. Please consider all this and think on it.